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The pills are very convenient to take: a pill that is round and slimy in the mouth is much easier to swallow than a tablet of equal weight.

The main advantage of pills is that a wide variety of drugs can be combined in the pill mass, and often those that in another dosage form (for example, in solutions) may be incompatible. Further, in the form of pills, it is possible to hide the unpleasant taste and smell of medicinal substances, especially if a shell is applied to the pills.

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The slowness of action of medicinal substances in the form of pills, in comparison with other forms, should be evaluated and used as a prolonging property. All substances that make up the pills can be divided by value into two groups: 1) medicinal; 2) auxiliary. The introduction of excipients into the pill mass is caused by the need to impart plasticity to it.

In addition, the excipients contribute to the disintegration of the pills in the gastrointestinal tract and the release of medicinal substances.